It’s 2063. The International Space Station is now “Oasis,” a space resort for billionaires and the Ultra Rich. The only one of its kind luxuriating among the stars, Oasis is perfection. When the best luxury money can buy malfunctions, Oasis must evacuate. During the emergency, a highly trained team of extremists take over the space station and hold the world hostage with an unusual weapon secretly installed, activated, and now poised to destroy the major arteries of Earth civilization. These mercenaries are led by a madman, who orders the assassination of a few post-evacuation stragglers. The terrorists begin hunting them one by one. Yet within Oasis, hiding in its darkest corners, is a lowly trash collector who was born for space. She is Earth’s last hope, and the terrorists’ prey are her only friends in the universe. To save both them and Earth, she must do that which she has been resisting and most fears: emerge from the shadows, embrace her identity, and fight – even if it means death.