Space Samurai — Male Actor Offers…!

Angelic is excited to announce: On Friday Jan 12th, 2024 our Casting Director issued official “Time Sensitive“ exclusive offers! Our target for shooting is — May 2024… We’ve got a lot to do and we’re looking to sign a “dream” Cast, and get them listed on IMDb.  If we’ve already talked, and you do want […]

Space Samurai — We’re Back…!

Space Samurai — We’re Back…! Angelic is excited to announce: “We’re putting the band back together…!” Our target for the first day of shooting is — Wednesday May 1st 2024… So, we’ve got a lot of work to do before then — And, we’re looking to sign the “same dream team” as the Crew … […]

Space Samurai — Happy New Year

Space Samurai — Happy New Year  Angelic is excited to announce the New Year! While we here at Angelic are all about the Movie Biz — We wish to encourage you to celebrate this Happy New Year week and weekend with family and friends. And as you take time to reflect on your 2023 achievements […]

Space Samurai — Merry Christmas

Angelic is pleased to announce it’s the Holidays! While we are all about the Movie Biz, we encourage everyone to enjoy this Christmas and Holiday Season with their family and friends…  As we celebrate the Spirit of Christmas with compassion, mercy and grace.  We hope this inspires you to also take time and mend relationships […]

Space Samurai — Production is Scheduled..!

Space Samurai — Production is Scheduled..! Angelic Pictures is excited to announce … Production is Scheduled..!  We have slated with SAG-AFTRA a Production start date as tentatively – Wednesday May 1, 2024.  The year is 2063. Life on Earth — Humanity as we know it, is transformed. Space Samurai — Trilogy: 1. Space Samurai: Oasis — Terrorist Threaten Earth 2. Space […]

Space Samurai — TRILOGY

Space Samurai — TRILOGY In 2063, the International Space Station, now Oasis, a space resort for Ultra Rich is perfection, but when it malfunctions, Oasis must evacuate. Disguised as a maintenance crew sent up from earth, extremists take over and hold the world hostage with an ancient space weapon. Ready to destroy civilization on Earth, and led by […]

Space Samurai — SAG-AFTRA Signatory

Space Samurai — SAG-AFTRA Signatory SAG-AFTRA had the daunting task of approving just 1,213 qualified, Signatory Productions during the Strike and issued Interim Agreements Approvals, Production Numbers and Business Representatives. Just today Angelic received notice from SAG-AFTRA: “… the strike is now over, and you are free to cast … accordingly.”  Angelic excitedly announces: SAG-AFTRA issued our Space Samurai: […]

Space Samurai – Thanksgiving

Angelic is pleased to state it’s Thanksgiving! While we are all about the Movie Biz, we encourage everyone — enjoy the time with your family and friends… We should take this time to focus on our thankfulness — on what we have, and not on what we want… This is a short work-week and a long holiday […]

Space Samurai — SAG-AFTRA Approved

Space Samurai — SAG-AFTRA Approved SAG-AFTRA represents 160,000+ ACTOR Members – “Media Professionals” IMDbPro lists over 58,300+ Movie projects in Development. The SAG-AFTRA strike is over, and now they will approve and sign qualified, Signatory Productions, issuing them a Production Number and a Business Representative. Angelic proudly announces: SAG-AFTRA has officially approved and signed our Space Samurai: Oasis Movie Project […]

Space Samurai — Song Contracts

Space Samurai — Song Contracts Angelic is excited to announce:Space Samurai Title track Song is complete! We will now begin collecting signed agreements of Song tracks to place in the Space Samurai Movie Score and the Space Samurai Movie Soundtrack, to be released… We are compiling a contact list of Song Inclusions and will provide […]