Space Samurai – 1st Product Placement

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – 1st Product Placement

Angelic is excited to announce “we’ve inked the deal” … Our 1st Product Placement brand-partner agreement — has been signed!

This cutting-edge technology will blow your mind:



Our writing team will be integrating the signed brand-partners, prominently placing them within the Space Samurai story trilogy. While the Production Team continues to evaluate other Product Brand submissions for potential placement / Integration in SPACE SAMURAI!  

If you personally know an established, or even an emerging company that would like to learn more of how they can place / integrate their Brand / Product in our Space Samurai movie trilogy — contact me directly and we can chat.


As President and CEO of Space Samurai, Inc., I am currently hammering out details for other Product Placement brand-partner agreements.


As the Production Team continues to review résumé submissions for the position of Product Placement & Integration (PP&I) sales executive. We have narrowed the names down to a short-list of possible candidates, and a few of these applicant’s are well-connected within the aerospace industry.

Questions about the SPACE SAMURAI Product Placement deal? Or any other inquiries about our Hollywood Trilogy Franchise? Reach out and connect with your designated Production Team contact, or as always, I’ll make myself available.