Space Samurai — Product Placement Team…!

Angelic is excited to announce: After our last email update, regarding the addition of Angelica Sirotin, our Product Placement Executive, many of you have reached out asking about the possibility of featuring brands you have connections with in our upcoming Space Samurai Movie. We’re thrilled to see your enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to our […]

Space Samurai — Product Placement Executive…!

Space Samurai — Product Placement Executive…!   Angelic is excited to announce: We’ve retained an Executive to secure Product Placement — One of the 13 revenue streams, which is shared with our investor pool!    Angelica Sirotin is an addition to our Angelic Team as the Product Placement Executive. Angelica Sirotin is a leading international […]

Space Samurai — Female Supporting…!  

Space Samurai — Female Supporting…! Angelic is excited to announce: We’ve got a Female Supporting actor for the character ANGELIKA …!  Veronika Dash is a great Female Actor …  Veronika Dash was born on October 28th in Kiev, Ukraine as Veronika Nedashkovskaya, and is bilingual; she speaks English and Russian fluently and is also conversationally proficient in Italian […]

Space Samurai — Music Accepted

Angelic is excited to announce: We’ve accepted and signed our first external submission music track, which will be included in both our Space Samurai Movie Score, and on the Space Samurai Movie Soundtrack Album release… Saum Ghosh will also be performing his Zindagi music track on screen on the Oasis resort in the Space Samurai: Oasis movie as SAUM G.    Saum […]

Space Samurai — Academy Awards / Oscars! 

Space Samurai — Academy Awards / Oscars!  Angelic is proud to announce: Besides being the Founding Chairman, President & CEO of Angelic Pictures, Inc., Mark Maine has also been a DGA Movie Director for nearly 2 decades — As one of more than 6,000 qualified Directors in good standing, Mark has earned the responsibility, honor […]

Space Samurai — Male Supporting…!  

Space Samurai — Male Supporting…!   Angelic is excited to announce: We’ve got our Male Supporting actor for the Villain character MUSKRAT …!  John Patrick Jordan, affectionately known as “JPJ” is a great Actor …  JPJ has been a lead proving his acting abilities in a total of 58 projects in just 21 years, 28 Movie credits […]

Space Samurai — Female Lead…! 

Space Samurai — Female Lead…!  Angelic is excited to announce:  We’ve got our Female Lead … for the character STAR …!  Kayla Swift is a fantastic Female Actor … She has already been a Lead proving her acting abilities in 23 projects in just 11 years — 18 Movies, 4 TV series: 22 episodes in Education: A Higher Calling, 3 episodes in Fault, 3 episodes […]

Space Samurai — Male Lead…!

Space Samurai — Male Lead…!   Angelic is excited to announce:We’ve got our Male Lead … for the character TOC …!  Michael Copon is a great Actor … He has already been a lead Actor in several Franchise projects: Bring It On, Scorpion King, and 24 years ago Michael’s acting career was launched when he as cast as the Blue Power […]

Space Samurai — Moving Forward…!

Space Samurai — Moving Forward…! Angelic is excited to announce: “We’re Moving Forward…!” Our target start date is still — Wednesday May 1st 2024… And, we’re getting a lot done before then — regarding the Crew, the Cast, Product Placement, Sound Track, and all the other spinning plates.   If you want to be considered, […]

Space Samurai — SAG Actor Offers…!

Space Samurai — SAG Actor Offers…! Angelic announces: Offers started going out Friday Jan 12th 2024 … our Casting Director issued official “Time Sensitive“ exclusive SAG offers, and we are in-talks now. Our target for shooting is still — May 2024…  To complete the first round of 20 Characters we’re looking for #3, #7, #13 & #17: […]