Space Samurai — Venus the Computer Voice…! 

Space Samurai — Venus the Computer Voice…!  

Angelic is excited to announce:

In homage to the STAR TREK creator Gene Roddenberry and his lovely wife Majel Barrett…

Here is a link to Majel Barrett-Roddenberry as the STAR TREK female actor LWAXANA TROI, talking with the STAR TREK Enterprise COMPUTER VOICE:

And, both roles are played by, and credited to, the same person, Majel Barrett.

Now, and as a tribute — My lovely wife Vida has been selected to be VENUS the Space Samurai COMPUTER VOICE … like SIRI or ALEXA, but as an “AI” VENUS is much more advanced, smarter, and can even be sarcastic.

Space Samurai: Oasis

We’re also pushing the days for shooting to start, as we have numerous interested product brands in the pipeline, negotiating their placement / integration, and 40 more actors to cast, and key crew still to hire, so we’ll announce the actual start dates soon…

Next we’ll be able to announce the Female supporting actor for the character SOFIA, a Special Warfare Spacecraft pilot. SOFIA works with STAR the Female Lead played by Kayla Swift…!

If you want to be considered for a role in our Movie either, in front of, or behind the camera, please reply with your IMDb link, resume and dream department.

Questions about the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy Franchise?  Reach out to your designated Production Team contact, or I’ll make myself available too…