Space Samurai — Visionaries in Movies! 

Space Samurai — Visionaries in Movies! 

Angelic is thrilled to announce:  

We are offering a unique opportunity for visionaries like you to bring your innovative machines and tech ideas to life in our Futuristic Sci-Fi movie, Space Samurai: Oasis, and Trilogy. 

Thomas Edison revolutionized the world with the electric light bulb, changing how we live and work forever.

Steve Jobs transformed the tech industry with Apple, and animation with Pixar.

Jeff Bezos launched e-commerce to new heights with Amazon, and now he’s ventured into aerospace with Blue Origin.

Now, it’s your turn to “follow in their Footsteps” … Imagine the legacy you can create and the impact, you could shape the future of humanity by showcasing your cutting-edge, groundbreaking technology as you make your mark on the big screen as Product Placement in a major motion picture, Movie. 

We want to collaborate with you to integrate your visionary technology into our Movie. Whether it’s revolutionary robotics, advanced AI, electric vehicles, food, beverages, supplements, clothing, gadgets (inset your idea here) and music, or any other futuristic concept, this is your chance to be part of something extraordinary. 

If you’re interested in being featured in our Space Samurai: Oasis — Movie, either in front of or behind the camera, please reply with your IMDb link, resume and dream department. 

Questions about the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy Franchise?  Reach out to your designated Production Team contact, or I’ll make myself available too…