Space Samurai — Yet Another Brand Placed!

Space Samurai — Yet Another Brand Placed

Angelic is thrilled to announce:

Cicerone has officially joined the Space Samurai universe with its luxury craft beer brand.

Cicerone is set to become the world’s first luxury craft beer brand, offering exquisitely crafted suds that redefine the beer-drinking experience. As a truly exclusive club, Cicerone’s brews are designed for connoisseurs who appreciate the finest things in life, providing a sophisticated and unparalleled drinking experience.

In the upcoming movie Space Samurai: Oasis, Cicerone’s exceptional beers will be featured, adding a touch of luxury and exclusivity to the elite Oasis resort. This partnership not only highlights Cicerone’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship but also elevates the atmosphere of the resort, making it the ultimate destination for the discerning elite. With Cicerone, the experience is truly out of this world!

We’re excited to put Cicerone at the forefront of the luxury beer industry, aligning their groundbreaking craft with the futuristic and exclusive themes of Space Samurai: Oasis. This collaboration significantly boosts Cicerone’s visibility, establishing their brand as the epitome of elegance, taste, and exclusivity in the world of craft beer.

Best of all, this partnership didn’t break their bank! By joining the movie business, they can now expand their reach beyond conventions and trade shows. By adding product placement to their marketing strategy—and even as a new line-item to future annual budgets—they can achieve a more impactful presence.

Remember, brand/product placement is just one of our thirteen revenue streams and is paid in full upon contracting.

Next we should announce the Female supporting actor for the character SOFIA, a Special Warfare Spacecraft pilot. SOFIA works with STAR the Female Lead played by Kayla Swift…!

We’ve also pushed the shooting schedule, as we still have 25 more actors to cast, and key crew to hire, and numerous interested product brands in the pipeline, negotiating their placement / integration, so we’ll announce the actual start dates soon…