Space Samurai — All Aboard!

Space Samurai — All Aboard!

The phrase “All aboard!” is announced as a warning before departure, especially as a ship or train leaves. It means, in essence: haul your keister up here quick or you’ll be left behind!

But before this Space Samurai Train can leave the station, there must first be an Arrival of the Train:

The Arrival of the Train at La Ciotat, by the Lumière Brothers, was shot in Summer 1895 and began public screenings in January 1896. The silent short film runs about 50 seconds and depicts a train pulling into a train station in the French coastal town of La Ciotat.

Before its debut screening in 1896, audiences had attend only “Pictures Shows” which were film-strip slideshows, most of the audiences sat in awe of what they were actually seeing — The story goes that when the film was first shown, the audience was so overwhelmed by the moving image of a life-sized train coming directly at them that people screamed and ran out of the theater. Audience’s told reporters is was moving —  Thus the term Movie was coined…  And The Arrival of the Train, is said to be one of the first movies ever made.

So, whether you are Cast, Crew, Music Placement, or Product Placement, now is your chance secure a ticket, or wave good-bye to all the others as boarding commences.

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