Space Samurai — And The Meaning Is…

Space Samurai — And The Meaning Is…

Angelic is poised, ready to reveal the Male Lead Actor name for our Space Samurai Trilogy!

Once he signs —  His name will be revealed, even before the ink drys …

Have you heard the riddle: Why are Films like Donuts & Why are Movies like Steaks…?

While selecting our upcoming Production dates, I’m interviewing new candidates for The Pathway program, which includes DGA* sponsored membership. 

This process reminded me of the numerous discussions about Film Industry vs. Movie Biz.

This reveals there are Diction, Differences, and Definitions between Film and Movie terminology.

Financing vs. Funding 

Distribution vs. Distributor

Actress vs. Female Actor

Extras vs. Background

Film vs. Movie

Profit vs. Revenue

Content vs. Viability 

Story Writer vs. Screenwriter

External submission vs. Co-production

Internship vs. Paid On Job Training

Committed vs. Attached

Contract vs. Agreement 

Attached vs. Signed

Film School vs. Movie School 

TitleTrack vs. SoundTrack Placement

Product Placement vs. Product Integration

First Look vs. First Right

Pick the Jargon you want to know more about — email, text, or call and I’ll explain in detail.

* DGA … I am a Writer, Producer, and Movie Director, a “Helmer” and an established member of the Directors Guild of America (“DGA”) — With each project, I’ve committed to review dozens of candidates, select one and train that individual to become a Movie Director with our Pathway program.

Questions about our SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy? I’m always available.