Space Samurai – Angelic Team

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Angelic Team

“Cut! Reset! Take 2! Action!”

“Next Scene…. Next Scene… Next Scene… Next Scene… Next Scene…!”

“Flip the World!”

For those of you who don’t know… Block Shooting is a method we use in the Movie Biz that maximizes the use of production funds.

At Angelic Pictures, we’re able to block-shoot due to the strong team of Assistant Directors we employ under the time-tested leadership of Unit Production Manager Heather Kritzer, who has 90 titles to her name. Together with Noreen Dimster-Denk (78 titles), Iris Huezo (50 titles), and Lily García (62 titles), this quadruple powerhouse tracks every aspect of every shoot every day of Production—and all minutes in between, so there are no wasted moments on set.

It’s like herding hundreds of cats for a single shot and then doing that 100 times per day. Meet the talent that makes that happen for SPACE SAMURAI…

Heather Kritzer

Noreen Dimster-Denk

Iris Huezo

Lily García

Stay tuned for more news soon. Angelic’s Hollywood studio movie franchise is moving forward fast…