Space Samurai – Comic Book

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Comic Book

SPACE SAMURAI finds “Friend” for Prequel!

Angelic Pictures is pleased to announce that DC Comic Book Artist, Richard Friend, has been commissioned to illustrate the SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS comic book! 

He will work with our writers to unveil the exciting futuristic world of the SPACE SAMURAI franchise. With over 332 published credits—many from the DC Universe, plus THE INCREDIBLE HULK from Marvel—Friend’s artistic flare and expertise as a colorist, inker, and cover artist are unmatched:

The SPACE SAMURAI franchise follows on the heels of Friend’s other franchise superhits such as WONDER WOMAN, BATMAN v. SUPERMAN, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN I & II, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and THE AVENGERS—all with a combined total gross of $5.4BB… and that’s just from Friend’s 6 Hollywood studio movies!

As one of the 13 revenue streams, the SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS comic book arrives as a prequel to the events in our Hollywood studio movie and gives a glance of how SPACE SAMURAI’s heroes and villains came to be. 

For new SPACE SAMURAI fans… get a glimpse of Oasis here in our Pre-Vis Promo Teaser:

Space Samurai: Oasis Featurette

Coming soon! Angelic announces its SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS Video Game Development Team…another one of the 13 revenue streams. 

Any questions about the SPACE SAMURAI Universe? Please direct them specifically to me or your Production Team contact by phone or email… Shooting for the stars!