Space Samurai – Director Protégé

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Head of Writing & Director Protégé

Angelic Pictures proudly announces “Pathway to Director” protégé Lisa Marie Sandoval as Head of Writing: Story Selection, Structure, and Project Slate Development for Angelic. 

Five years ago, I interviewed 50+ screenwriters and read dozens of writing samples to discover Lisa Marie. The day she signed her first agreement to write THE CLUB movie screenplay, I invited her to consider the “Pathway to Director” program. 

Being an apprentice to a Hollywood movie studio vendor & helmer program is a cherished, rare and exclusive opportunity. It is an extremely arduous process, and many do not have the Intestinal Fortitude so they simply fall along the wayside. 

The day Lisa Marie finished THE CLUB, I hired her to rewrite SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS and asked her to simply swap the lead roles male to female. Without being asked, she took on the weighty task of revamping and spending six months to create all that was needed to make the entire SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy a major Hollywood franchise blockbuster hit—and all to help fulfill Angelic’s 10-year output distribution commitment with Universal.

As principal screenwriter for the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy, Lisa Marie successfully transformed the Male Lead to be a Female Lead Heroine. She also went beyond the assignment and amped up the drama, created exciting new characters, and innovated a whole new world based on Earth’s real past/present/future.

While new to Hollywood, Lisa Marie has been bringing her real-life stories of culture clash and deep transformation professionally to the page and stage for over 25 years. As a nationally published writer/performer, Lisa Marie served two terms as an Artist-in-Residence for the City of Los Angeles, performing “The Yowling” for crowds up to 1,000, and created a congressionally awarded “Yowling” youth spinoff program. Now, Lisa Marie’s Yowling Soul Entertainment has been established as an affiliate with a production-distribution deal with Angelic Pictures. 

As Head of Writing and a Producer, Lisa Marie has been attached to a total of 12 movies for Angelic Pictures:

Lisa Marie is assigned to be the Second Unit Director on the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy, a DGA signatory movie venture.This experience provides her the keys to membership in the DGA and acquiring the specific skills needed for success as a DGA Movie Director and further qualifying her as a Studio Movie Helmer. 

If you have any questions about Lisa Marie or the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy, reach out to me or your Production Team contact. We’re moving fast… but as always, we’ll make ourselves available to you….