Space Samurai – Diversity First II

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Diversity First II

Angelic Pictures continues its partnership with SAG-AFTRA’s Diversity-In-Casting Incentive program.

ViacomCBS reports in its 2021 Diversity Representation Study:

“Only half of people globally are satisfied with the level of representation they see in TV shows and movies, and 79 percent say more diversity is needed on screens.”

In that same year, white males totaled 65% of actors in the top 100 grossing films and comprised a whopping 61% of Lead Actors. 

Since Angelic Pictures debuted its first movie in 2002, when mainline studios were putting just 10% women in front of the camera, Angelic brought a 63% female cast—with 25% of that cast representing people of color. A progressive start… more than six times the industry standard at the time.

In its success over the past 24 years, Angelic has showcased rising talents and people of color, performers with disabilities, and senior performers over 60 years of age…

As a “Diversity First” Production Company… Angelic has achieved a total average of 34% Diverse Representation over the course of its production history. When factoring in Angelic’s commitment to and partnership with SAG-AFTRA’s Diversity-In-Casting Incentive, which also includes women, that number rises to 78%.

… And that’s not even counting Angelic’s Diversity practices in its hiring of Union movie crews behind the cameras! Hollywood isn’t even tracking these numbers, as there currently are no Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) incentives. This makes Angelic even more cutting edge today…

Now Angelic is poised to achieve even higher Diversity & Equitable Rep numbers with the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy—with its population diversity in 2063 aboard the Int’l Space Station turned “Oasis,” a space resort for billionaires and the Ultra Rich. As a sci-fi action thriller, Angelic will launch more women, people of color, performers with disabilities, and seniors into a wide range of roles on the screen. 

This is because Angelic is a Movie Biz Production Company that includes sound business practices and takes advantage of economic development opportunities and incentives to add substantial Production Value in its Hollywood Movie Ventures. 

By participating in SAG-AFTRA’s Diversity-In-Casting Incentive, SPACE SAMURAI will be able to put more investor dollars toward the Trilogy’s production. If you want to know how the math stellar-performs for SPACE SAMURAI investors…

Reach out to me or your Production Team contact with any questions. We’re moving fast… but as always, we’ll make ourselves available to you….