Space Samurai – Diversity First

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Diversity First

Representation is an Angelic Standard.

CREATIVE… THRILLING… VISIONARY… are a few things Hollywood has been called over its history. However, it has had its problems adequately portraying people of diverse backgrounds. One of the most obvious failings of Hollywood has been integrating women into movies. Some Starlets have risen to prominence over the years—but they were the exception, not the rule. 

Hollywood Production has been dominated by men, both in front and behind the camera. In over a century, Hollywood has produced few Female Directors or Female Actors who have been able to open a movie on their own. When it comes to technical positions behind the camera, it is very rare to find a woman regularly working.

Current “progressive” movie production crews in Hollywood have only managed to have women represent 12% of their crew. Television has made better inroads with 23% of their crews being female… but this is still a long way from full inclusion and equitable representation.

For the past 24 years, in all of its Hollywood studio movies, Angelic Pictures has put “Diversity First”…

* IN 24 YEARS OF PRODUCTION LEADERSHIP… Women have comprised 34% of Angelic’s Department Leads.

* IN 24 YEARS BEHIND THE SCENES… Women have made up 29% of Crew and 35% of Technical Staff.

* IN 24 YEARS IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA… Women have made up 56% of the Cast.

With the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy Franchise, Angelic’s seventh and largest Production, MORE bold choices were made…

* Changing the Action Sci-Fi saga’s Lead Role from Male to Female.

* Hiring a Female Screenwriter to do the rewrite.

* Paving the way into the DGA for a “Pathway to Director” Female Protégé.

* AGAIN Bringing aboard a Female UPM and an All-Female Assistant Directorial team.

* AGAIN Bringing aboard

All-Female Hair, Makeup, & Wardrobe teams.

* AGAIN Bringing aboard All-Female Craft Services, Production Design & Set Design teams.

Since its inception and intentional foundation, Angelic has sought to offer opportunities to women in the Movie Biz—and has encouraged them to train other talented women to do the same.

As a “Diversity First” Production Company forging into the future, Angelic will continue taking advantage of SAG incentives and benefits, designed to fix underrepresentation, and also add substantial Production Value in a Hollywood Movie Venture. MUCH MORE on this to come…

If you have any questions about Angelic’s “Diversity First” initiative or the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy, reach out to me or your Production Team contact. We’re moving fast… but as always, we’ll make ourselves available to you….