Space Samurai — Eyes Forward

Space Samurai — Eyes Forward

Angelic NEWS: Eyes Wide Open as we move Forward: 

We as excited to announce our decision to implement an “Eyes Wide Open” strategy, as we continue to Move Forward.

To our spinning plates, we now add the tasks of interviewing different applicants for:

Archival Research Consultant – to provide Stock Footage with Clearances.

ScreenWriter – to get a new set of eyes on our current script and the Trilogy Story Arc…

Editor – to review & verify our shot-list for Live Action and to interact with our CGI Team..

Rumor has it, we’ve identified numerous up-and-coming Actors both male and female as Leads, Significant Supporting and even Key-Featured roles, for our SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy!

Lastly, we had originally compiled a list of about 20 “A-List” Male Lead Actor names — many of them were quickly eliminated because they simply were not available — so now we’ve narrowed that list down to a select few. And the Standard is, to make an offer and wait for a reply, one-at-a-time.

Any questions about SPACE SAMURAI our Hollywood Trilogy Franchise? Reach out to your designated Production Team contact, and as always, I’ll make myself available.