Space Samurai — Female Lead…! 

Space Samurai — Female Lead…! 

Angelic is excited to announce: 

We’ve got our Female Lead … for the character STAR …! 

Kayla Swift is a fantastic Female Actor … She has already been a Lead proving her acting abilities in 23 projects in just 11 years — 18 Movies, 4 TV series: 22 episodes in Education: A Higher Calling, 3 episodes in Fault, 3 episodes in Laff Mob’s Laff Tracks, a TV Mini-Series Self Help, and an episode in Bad Weather Films.

SPACE SAMURAI is a female hero Sci-Fi trilogy franchise by Angelic Pictures. Think of; Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985) meets The Hunger Games (2012) but in space, and with more surprising twists and turns.

We’re shooting all three movies back to back, just like so many other successful franchises: Back to the Future, MatrixLord of the Rings,The Hobbit and even Pirates Of the Caribbean  …

The first movie SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS takes place in the future, in 2065, on the International Space Station when one woman becomes Earth’s last hope in a global fight for control over a catastrophic weapon. The second movie SPACE SAMURAI: DESOLATION adds the deadly threat from a shadow government and uncovers many secret attributes about the characters. And the third movie SPACE SAMURAI: METAMORPH introduces an extraterrestrial alien race.

When the director Mark met me, and then cast me, he decided to change the lead character to a female, so now I play a hero and her name is STAR… I’m really just like her, she’s basically a superhero in training. — Kayla Swift

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I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Kayla Swift in person in Hollywood — and I’m excited to have her as the Lead Female in the Space Samurai Trilogy.

We’re close to announcing the Female supporting actor for SOFIA, a Special Warfare Spacecraft pilot. SOFIA works beside the Female Lead Kayla Swift — STAR …!

More updates soon regarding the spinning plates.  

If you want to be considered, reply with your IMDb link, resume and dream department.

Questions about the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy Franchise?  Reach out to your designated Production Team contact, or as always, I’ll make myself available too…