Space Samurai – Hot News

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Hot News

Angelic is pleased to report powerful progress!


The Production Team continues to evaluate hot new talent for certain key roles in the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy!

It’s an exciting yet challenging process, as we’re casting and forecasting for a trio of Hollywood Studio Movies.

Angelic always has been a Hollywood Studio Vendor Affiliate Production Company open to giving newcomers a chance to break into the Movie Biz. And with the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy, I have to say… I’m energized by all of my recent phone meetings on this front.


In light of SAG-AFTRA’s Diversity-In-Casting Incentive and Angelic as a “Diversity First” Production Company, the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy is breaking new ground… AGAIN!

The Production Team has opened up key SAG Supporting Roles originally designated as “Male” to be auditioned by both Male and Female Actors.

We believe that broadening the Audition Pool will enable us to fill certain roles faster. Having a skilled writer and strong female voice as part of our team will ensure that our SPACE SAMURAI story remains top quality. The rewrite that changed our sci-fi action “hero” to “heroine” was just the beginning!


The Production Team is reading résumés and interviewing applicants for the position of Product Placement & Integration (PP&I) sales executive. While we have several possible candidates, we still haven’t found the right person for the job—but what can we say… we’re picky.


As President and CEO of Space Samurai, Inc., I am hammering out the final details on a Product Placement / Integration agreement with SPACE SAMURAI’S first PP&I company. These cutting-edge entrepreneurs will blow your mind!

More details after inking the deal…