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Space Samurai: Oasis Update – U.S. Space Force

The SPACE SAMURAI trilogy franchise has found another high-ranking champion within Space Force!

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On Wednesday, the Directorial Team had another successful meeting with a critically positioned Major—who seems to be as creative as we are. 

He is valiantly championing our out-of-this-world request for Space Force to create an Entertainment Liaison Guardian to be specially assigned to our Hollywood studio movie production. 

His mission motto and Modus Operandi is Getting to “Yes!” And he’s got inside info on who’s who within Space Force—tactically vital, since SPACE SAMURAI is Space Force’s first ever participation with a Hollywood studio vendor production company.

The Space Force Major asked us to provide him with something strategic to help him make a case to U.S. Space Force Public Affairs to accelerate the establishing of an Entertainment Liaison Guardian.

Within hours of meeting with the Space Force Major, our Directorial Team created a Strategic Master Plan to equip him with the necessary fuel for controlled thrust to fiercely fight for what needs to be done. 

To our surprise, early this Friday morning he reported: “I have reached out to our USSF PA office to get their thoughts…. I’ll let you know what I find out.”


Over the past 2 years, the fledgling Space Force has been emerging from its Air Force nest to fly on its own as a separate branch of the military. 

But Air Force can only fly about 90,000 feet and stays in the stratosphere.

Space Force’s mission and our SPACE SAMURAI movie trilogy take over where Air Force runs out of oxygen. We rocket beyond atmosphere into OUTER SPACE!

Our altitude for the SPACE SAMURAI trilogy franchise takes place at 1,300,000 feet… that’s nearly 250 miles.

All personnel within Space Force are “Guardians.” So in order to work with us, Space Force needs to do something it has yet to do.… cut its own Air Force umbilical cord and create a completely new “Guardian” position to serve as their own Entertainment Liaison.

Our Production Team stands able, ready, and willing to take the Space Force’s Entertainment Liaison Guardian under its wing, so the newly appointed officer can find space legs, cut teeth on our SPACE SAMURAI trilogy franchise, and then go on to soar successfully with other productions.

Space Force is propelling into new frontier, because it knows our SPACE SAMURAI trilogy is positioned to do for Space Force what TOP GUN has done for the Navy.

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