Space Samurai — Male Lead…!

Space Samurai — Male Lead…!  

Angelic is excited to announce:
We’ve got our Male Lead … for the character TOC …! 

Michael Copon is a great Actor … He has already been a lead Actor in several Franchise projects: Bring It OnScorpion King, and 24 years ago Michael’s acting career was launched when he as cast as the Blue Power Ranger …

Michael has proven his acting abilities in a total of 45 projects and TV series, including: 

21 episodes in Beyond the Break, 12 episodes in One Tree Hill,  9 episodes of The Bay, and 8 episodes in Dystopia.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael in my last 3 movies, Music HighLa Migra and Fearless … now I’m excited to have him in our Space Samurai Trilogy.

Next, we’re very close to announcing our Female supporting actress who will play the character of SOFIA, a Special Warfare Spacecraft pilot, working side by side with our Female Lead actress for the character of STAR …!

More updates soon regarding; Product Placement, Sound Track, and many of the other spinning plates.  

If you want to be considered, contact us with your IMDb link, resume and dream department.

Questions about the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy Franchise?  Contact us …