Space Samurai — Music Score & Soundtrack

Space Samurai — Music Score & Soundtrack

Angelic is committed to 15 tracks for the Movie Soundtrack album release, and we now have 8 songs, just over half way there, for our Movie Score and Soundtrack. So, only 7 tracks left to identify and secure.

We will included all 15 music tracks in both our Space Samurai Movie Score, and on the Space Samurai Movie Soundtrack Album, to be released… We are seriously considering allowing a few of the Singer – Songwriters to perform their unique track on screen in the Space Samurai Movie.

We’re busy sorting through hundreds of external music submissions for our Space Samurai International Movie Music Score and in anticipation of the early release of our Space Samurai Soundtrack Music Album…

For only a short time more, will we continue to except external submissions from individuals who provide links to their songs. Our soundtrack should represent an International music selection, as we consider music from around the world, from every tribe, every tongue, and every nation.

Once compiled, we will deliver our Soundtrack – just as Billie Eilish delivered the James Bond Title Track: “No Time To Die” — The song was released February 2020 – while the Movie wasn’t release until September 2021:

James Bond Soundtrack hit Number 1, No Time To Die claims the biggest opening week for a Bond theme ever, 90,000 chart-sales in first 7 days, and a follow-through of 10.6 million streams-sales to stay at the top (over 10X Platinum).

No Time to Die – 109M Views:

Remember, the Soundtrack “album” is just one of the 13 revenue streams from a Movie Biz venture, and shared with the investor pool as all 13 revenue streams are.

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