Space Samurai – Starting Right

Space Samurai Update – Starting Right

Angelic is Excited!  We are about to announce the name of our ‘A-List’ Male Lead.

That means, the remaining Character roles will quickly be filled with the assistance and approval from our “A-List” Male Lead Actor.

We are all about the Biz of Movies and we understand commitments have been made. However, if we have not yet received your signed Production Agreement for opportunities such as; cast member, crew member, music contributor, production contractor, investor, or for product placement integration — when we release the name of the “A-List” Male Lead Actor, any outstanding agreements will be withdrawn.

So, you’ll need to promptly get those agreements signed and back to the production team, along with any required funds.

No matter your commitment level, everyone still needs to have a signed agreement in place before the “A-List” Male Lead Actor is disclosed. After that, any outstanding points will be available at a substantially increased “value” price, yet to be determined, requiring renegotiations.

Any questions about SPACE SAMURAI or any other inquiries about our Hollywood Trilogy Franchise? Reach out to your designated Production Team contact, and as always, I’ll make myself available.