Space Samurai — TRILOGY

Space Samurai — TRILOGY

In 2063, the International Space Station, now Oasis, a space resort for Ultra Rich is perfection, but when it malfunctions, Oasis must evacuate. Disguised as a maintenance crew sent up from earth, extremists take over and hold the world hostage with an ancient space weapon. Ready to destroy civilization on Earth, and led by a madman, who assassinates evacuation stragglers. Yet, on Oasis is a lowly trash collector, she was born for space, and as Earth’s last hope. Now she must emerge from the shadows, embraces her identity, and fight to save humanity, while facing odds of certain death.

Space Samurai Trilogy:

1. Space Samurai: Oasis

2. Space Samurai: Desolation

3. Space Samurai: Metamorph

As we finalize negotiations with SAG-AFTRA members, we will list them as cast on IMDb for the Space Samurai projects.

We’ve narrowed it down between a few Male Actors for the Lead Male Hero role in our Space Samurai Trilogy — We will announce our Male actor, soon — along with our tentative production dates…

Questions about our SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy?  We are available.