Space Samurai – U.S. Space Force Momentum Rockets

Space Samurai

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – U.S. Space Force

Angelic Pictures is flying!

Momentum with U.S. Space Force rockets forward…

During the most recent phone call with U.S. Space Force, the Directorial Unit spoke with the highest-ranking officer who facilitates direct access to scout base locations, secure key assets, and champions us to the Department of Defense. He said he is “interested” and “excited” to move forward.

We have been invited to begin the process for partnering with U.S. Space Force as a Hollywood studio trilogy franchise.

Angelic is soaring into orbit, so there is simply too much to include in a single update.

Also… Special thanks to our newest Angelic funding participants, who are accomplished creatives and who have helped bring us this far…

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