Space Samurai — Update on Spinning Plates

Space Samurai — Update on Spinning Plates

Angelic is Excited to update the progress on just a few of the “Spinning Plates!”

“A-List” Male Lead:

We are about to publicly announce the name.And even as we prepare to disclose that NEWS, the

Production Team is quickly signing hot new talent for certain key Supporting roles in the SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy! Some of those roles being filled will require a simply re-write due to the fact that the Character role was originally written for a male or female Actor — and as we had opened our consideration to include both male and female Actor candidates for every Supporting Character role, now we will simply “smith” the actual Character to match the individuals being signed, whether the Actors be male or female.

Once we do have everything in order, including the authorization to release the “A-List” Male Lead Actor name — the remaining Character roles will quickly be filled with the assistance and approval of our “A-List” Male Lead Actor.

Product Placement:
We now have 5 brands negotiated for the Marketing Integration and we will see Revenue even before we start shooting Space Samurai — Such advertising placement is embedded in the movie, forever — and is always paid in advance, and in full.

We are also about to sign an individual for the position of Product Placement & Integration (PP&I) sales executive — who will then handle all such PP&I requests and negotiations.

Title Track—SoundTrack:

We now have a number of creative individuals working on both lyrics and score for the Title Track, and samples are now being reviewed for selection.

Any questions about SPACE SAMURAI our Hollywood Trilogy Franchise? Reach out to your designated Production Team contact, and as always, I’ll make myself available.