Space Samurai – Votes Are In…

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Votes Are In…

Angelic has tallied the votes!

Thanks to all who participated in our SPACE SAMURAI Music Survey! 

We’ve decided on a Musical Score, with an opening Title Track Musical Score with Lyrics—a suspenseful sound that sneaks up on viewers, rocketing with power and exploding vocals… a story unto itself.

Do you like participating in our Story? 

Another “plate” from our Hollywood studio movie franchise now spins in the air.

The Production Team is already talking with prospective members of our newly formed Video Game Development Team for our SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy. And I’m lovin’ these conversations! 

The Video Game Development Team includes a couple of young voices and hardcore gamers to help make SPACE SAMURAI a thrill-trembling series of space-action games.

Our first game? “SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS”…

We’re really looking forward to seeing the faces of our Actors playing key characters in our Video Game adventures… Great feedback so far from our gamers!

The Production Team is putting in motion each plate, laying the foundation for each fruitful revenue stream from our Hollywood Studio Movie Franchise.

We build value… even in outer space.

Questions about the SPACE SAMURAI Video Game Series? Or anything else about the Hollywood Studio Trilogy Franchise? Reach Out. As always, your designated Production Team contact and I will make ourselves available…