Space Samurai – Web Updates

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Web Updates

SPACE SAMURAI now shines online!

Navigate your way through the SPACE SAMURAI trilogy adventure! Get your space legs by checking out Angelic’s full list of SPACE SAMURAI updates…

Our 13-revenue-stream Hollywood studio movie franchise started as a small moon of an idea—an embryonic space egg that kept splitting and growing, gaining momentum, until it sprouted into the well-planned investment opportunity it is today.

Have you joined our cosmic voyage? Are you one of our cutting-edge success “samurai”?

The Production Team began issuing weekly updates in March to increase SPACE SAMURAI transmissions and will continue to do so, as we are released to broadcast new developments.

If you’re a fresh arrival to the SPACE SAMURAI trilogy family, click below to read past updates and GET UP TO SPEED. We’re traveling Mach “Maine”! 

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If you’ve been flying with us for a while, check out Angelic’s list of updates anyway. You may have missed some important Space news…

Any questions about the SPACE SAMURAI Universe? Please direct your Space transmission to me or your Production Team contact… 

Transforming how we look at STARS!