Space Samurai – Your Journey Into Space

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Your Journey Into Space 

Mission Critical

Angelic Pictures is excited to report…

T-Minus one more step closer to launch!

So we’re getting ready to shut the shuttle door on investment opportunity into the full SPACE SAMURAI trilogy franchise. Oasis investment means immediate access to stellar returns generated by ALL 13 revenue streams for SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS—including revenues from movies #2 and #3 without investing another dime.

To you who have been vacillating about whether or not to ascend with us and reap these Hollywood studio franchise rewards… it’s now or never.

We are revving up the galactic engines to rocket to warp! Product Placement dollars are being negotiated and will be collected in full, before we even shoot…

For those who have just stepped over the threshold… Congratulations! Welcome aboard… I’ll notify you when your bank wire has landed. 

We’re nearly ready for flight, folks!

As your Maine captain marking SPACE SAMURAI countdown, “10”… “9”… “8”… “7”…, I invite you to reach out to me with any questions you may still have…