Space Samurai — Music Submissions

Space Samurai — Music Submissions Angelic is excited to announce: Besides our Space Samurai Title Track, we now have several Featured Tracks Identified, Secured, and they will be included in both our Space Samurai Movie Score, and on the Space Samurai Movie Soundtrack Album to be released… Angelic Officially extends the opportunity for additional External […]

Space Samurai — Union Deal…!

Space Samurai — Union Deal…! Angelic was notified by the Directors Guild of America (“DGA”): The National Executive Directors board voted unanimously to recommend that members vote YES to accept the new Agreements. In short, we have a new contract until July 2026! A few [edited] Key Highlights of the Agreement include: This was achieved […]

Space Samurai — Progress

Space Samurai — Progress Angelic is excited to provide the few following updates: Thank you for being patient as we adjust the credits on IMDb, adding and removing individuals can often takes days — We especially appreciate your understanding with our replies to your emails… Questions about our SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy? We’re always available.

Space Samurai — Union – Ready!

Space Samurai — Union – Ready! Angelic was notified by the Directors Guild of America (“DGA”), that on behalf of the collective strength and unity of the 19,000 DGA Union membership, they have entered contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (“AMPTP”). Angelic supports the DGA as they negotiate our […]

Space Samurai — Ready to Play?

Space Samurai — Ready to Play? Angelic has considered a number of candidates to engage a Creative Director for our Space Samurai Video Game … Now we’ll consider candidates for the Game design team. The Space Samurai video game will be a Role-Playing Game (RPG) created using Unreal Engine 5 and will utilize 1st, 2nd and […]

Space Samurai — Time is Now…

Space Samurai — Time is Now… Angelic is engaged on all fronts, spinning many plates: Male Lead Name Production Scheduling Locations Cast Auditions Crew Employment SoundTrack Submissions Trilogy Story Smithing Funding Agreements Product Placement and Responding to emails and phone calls. When we have NEWS for our Space Samurai Trilogy — we will send out […]

Space Samurai — And The Meaning Is…

Space Samurai — And The Meaning Is… Angelic is poised, ready to reveal the Male Lead Actor name for our Space Samurai Trilogy! Once he signs —  His name will be revealed, even before the ink drys … Have you heard the riddle: Why are Films like Donuts & Why are Movies like Steaks…? While selecting […]

Space Samurai — And The Winner Is…

Space Samurai — And The Winner Is… Angelic Pictures projects an Academy Nomination for our Space Samurai Trilogy! This past Sunday, March 12th, 2023: Did you watch the 95th Academy Awards?  Did you visualize yourself there, walking the Carpet?  Did you dream of our Space Samurai project being nominated? With 16 Categories available — we […]

Space Samurai — Big Reasons

Space Samurai — Big Reasons Angelic Releases Reasons: Why we are — Where we are… Angelic Plans — Studios in San Diego: Angelic Studios Business Plan is making Big Waves, attracting interest from International, National and Local Investors. Angelic Builds upon Big Movie History: Angelic Pictures makes Movies — Now we make Big Movies where […]

Space Samurai — Light at the End…

Space Samurai — Light at the End… Angelic Announces – We are about done raising production funds, so then — No More Bets! Spinning Plates — Updates: ScreenWriter:  New Characters and Twists for our Trilogy … Product Placement:  About to name an Executive … Video Game:  About to close the development team … Comic Book:  About to […]