Space Samurai – Thanksgiving

Angelic is pleased to state it’s Thanksgiving! While we are all about the Movie Biz, we encourage everyone — enjoy the time with your family and friends… We should take this time to focus on our thankfulness — on what we have, and not on what we want… This is a short work-week and a long holiday […]

Space Samurai — SAG-AFTRA Approved

Space Samurai — SAG-AFTRA Approved SAG-AFTRA represents 160,000+ ACTOR Members – “Media Professionals” IMDbPro lists over 58,300+ Movie projects in Development. The SAG-AFTRA strike is over, and now they will approve and sign qualified, Signatory Productions, issuing them a Production Number and a Business Representative. Angelic proudly announces: SAG-AFTRA has officially approved and signed our Space Samurai: Oasis Movie Project […]

Space Samurai — Song Contracts

Space Samurai — Song Contracts Angelic is excited to announce:Space Samurai Title track Song is complete! We will now begin collecting signed agreements of Song tracks to place in the Space Samurai Movie Score and the Space Samurai Movie Soundtrack, to be released… We are compiling a contact list of Song Inclusions and will provide […]

Angelic / Space Samurai — Celebrations

Angelic / Space Samurai — Celebrations  Angelic is excited to announce and observe several Celebrations: Angelic — in business 25+ yrs, founded on February 25, 1998… Mark — Celebrates 16+ years as a DGA Movie Director… Angelic — Universal Studios qualified, established, Vendor-Affiliate for 15+ yrs… Vida — Celebrates 3+ yrs Cancer Free… And the […]

Space Samurai — Recap

Space Samurai — Recap Spinning Plates:  Production companies can now sign the SAG-AFTRA Interim Agreement, and be slated for SAG Waivers for production. Angelic Announces, Space Samurai Updates: We are in artistic-dialog with SAG Actors for the Male Lead role. We have compiled the Songs for the Movie Album… We will be releasing an […]

Space Samurai — SAG Agreement

Space Samurai — SAG Agreement Angelic announces — we now have a clear path to attach SAG Actors. We had already filed the “Preliminary Theatrical Information Sheet” for our current project, “Space Samurai: Oasis” — And this week, we secured SAG assistance to obtain a “NON WGA, SAG Interim-Agreement “… We now have SAG Actors […]

Space Samurai — SAG Strike

Space Samurai — SAG Strike Angelic is near the end of the funding phase, but respects Actors demands. SAG Actors should understand that a SAG Signatory production company can simply sign the proposed SAG contract with a waiver request to shoot the Space Samurai Movie. Next Update: Our scouting Trip to Lompoc to see the […]

Space Samurai — Music Soundtrack

Space Samurai — Music Soundtrack Angelic has committed to a 15 track Space Samurai Movie Soundtrack Album, that will be released soon… Now we’re just a few songs away from identifying and securing the rest of them, don’t miss-out. We will included all 15 songs in the Space Samurai Movie Score… We are also seriously […]

Space Samurai — All Aboard!

Space Samurai — All Aboard! The phrase “All aboard!” is announced as a warning before departure, especially as a ship or train leaves. It means, in essence: haul your keister up here quick or you’ll be left behind! But before this Space Samurai Train can leave the station, there must first be an Arrival of the […]

Space Samurai — Music Score & Soundtrack

Space Samurai — Music Score & Soundtrack Angelic is committed to 15 tracks for the Movie Soundtrack album release, and we now have 8 songs, just over half way there, for our Movie Score and Soundtrack. So, only 7 tracks left to identify and secure. We will included all 15 music tracks in both our […]