Space Samurai — Expanding Team

Space Samurai — Expanding Team

Angelic is pleased to announce.

Last week’s Eyes Forward update, activated a flood of applicant submissions, allowing us to expand the Team:

ScreenWriter – We now have a significant number of candidates, qualified to review our current script and contribute to the Trilogy Story Arc…

Editor – We now have several contenders to head and lead the Editor department…

SoundTrack / Title Track – With plenty of sample lyric submissions — we will now select a Song Writing partner, and assemble a Team to provide the Lyrics with an arrangement …

We are sorting through all of the applicants, as we continue to assemble our Team.

“A-List” Male Lead – The next BIG news — within weeks. 

Any questions about our SPACE SAMURAI Hollywood Trilogy Franchise? Reach out to your designated Production Team contact, and as always, I’m available.